We take pride in keeping clients away from litigation. Unfortunately, there are times when litigation cannot be avoided. When litigation is the only alternative we have obtained successful results for clients, as outlined in Appellate Litigation. Also, if you search our firm on eCourts, you will find that we have handled hundreds of litigated cases, on behalf of clients over the years.

We have litigation experience in every area of our practice. Cases (in addition to those outlined in Appellate Litigation) appear at the end of each Practice Area.


The law is interpreted through statutes and cases. Cases that go before Appellate Courts generally set the framework for interpreting laws and statutes. The true test of a successful litigation attorney is when the cases they have tried go before Appellate Courts. 

We have handled numerous trials and hearings that later went before the Appellate Courts, resulting in favorable Appellate decisions. These favorable decisions include cases involving trusts, product liability, insurance, international banking transactions, zoning, and disputes between officers and shareholders, as well as various commercial transactions and bankruptcy issues. Only a small percentage of litigated matters end up before Appellate Courts. Please refer to Appellate Litigation for a sample of our Appellate work.